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                        Academician Tan Jianrong: key technology and development trend of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent equipment
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                        2018 China Science and Technology Industrial Park roadshow conference and Industrial Park Exhibition were held in Shenzhen on July 26. This conference was hosted by China high tech industry portal OFweek and HTC Hi Tech Association, and hosted by OFweek Industrial Park and Industrial Park help. Tan Jianrong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, chief scientist of national 973 project, one of the main sponsors of made in China 2025, special professor of Qiushi and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University, was invited to give a keynote speech on key technologies and development trends of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent equipment.
                        The following is the actual record of academician Tan Jianrong's speech, slightly adjusted on the basis of not changing the original meaning:
                        I'm from Zhejiang University, engaged in mechanical engineering and digital manufacturing. Let me talk about the new generation of information technology. We are now in a time of vigorous development of a new generation of information technology, which is developing very fast. This new generation of information technology leads the new generation of intelligent manufacturing.
                        The new generation of information technology leads the new generation of intelligent manufacturing
                        We know that information technology has several characteristics. The first is from Internet technology to Internet of things technology, from virtual reality technology to augmented reality technology, from network computing technology to cloud computing technology, from machine learning technology to deep learning technology. Under the guidance of the new generation of information technology, emerging technology fields such as human-computer interconnection, hybrid reality, big data, artificial intelligence, and emerging information industries have emerged. These industries have driven the development of manufacturing industry. Driven by big data mode equipment virtual reality and other technologies, they have had a profound impact on our manufacturing enterprises and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. There are four technologies. In particular, it deserves attention, including traffic technology, perception technology, learning technology and decision-making technology. Make our whole manufacturing industry to digital, intelligent, mobile, green direction.
                        Our mechanical products and equipment manufacturing industry is also developing from mechanization to electrification, to information and intelligence. Our enterprise researches and develops a generation of products, sells a product, we need a generation of products, we need a generation of technology, a generation of technology needs a generation of equipment, a generation of equipment needs a generation of service. Therefore, enterprises are very concerned about products. Some enterprises make products and services into products. Now many enterprises also make networks into industries.
                        Then we need to develop a product. Many enterprises have put forward the product requirements in our cooperation of production, learning and research: new products and new technologies. Then the product needs a new generation of design. Without design, there will be no innovation. But our current manufacturing enterprises, including Guangdong, have strong processing capacity, but most of them do not have independently designed products, including many enterprises in Shenzhen, which are OEM (processing on behalf of others). Not only in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and coastal areas, but also in our own brands.
                        Now the trade war between China and the United States is raging. The Chinese people pay special attention to this issue, from leaders to enterprises to experts. As far as I know, Chinese people pay more attention to trade war than Americans. There are many views on Sino US trade war. Now there are various views on the Internet, including moderate views, conservative views and very radical views, that is, to fight trade war at all costs. I agree with one of them very much. I think he is also the most advanced one. He is a director of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. A few days ago, a reporter from Zhejiang TV station interviewed the director and asked him about the impact of the Sino US trade war on our Zhejiang enterprises. There are not many words from this director. I'll summarize three points. First, Zhejiang is a big trading company with the United States. It's not the number one or the number two in the country. Many enterprises in Zhejiang are known as export-oriented enterprises. Second, so far, until the day when the reporter interviewed him, he said that Zhejiang enterprises are not affected by the Sino-U.S. trade war basically. Orders are accepted and businesses are done, but provincial businesses are. The leaders of the office of affairs reminded entrepreneurs to deal with the conflict carefully and pay attention to some problems, including the change of exchange rate, the change of RMB exchange rate, etc. We can't see his level on these two points. Its level is reflected in the third point. Third, he said that China US trade has a profound long-term impact on our Zhejiang enterprises. Where is the profundity? He also said three points: first, our enterprises should have the ability of independent innovation, and have products designed independently; second, our enterprises should have the awareness of intellectual property rights; third, our enterprises should master the core technology of the industry.
                        What did I think about the Sino US trade war later? These are the three points to fight from start to finish. Others are appearances. These are the three points in the essence of the Sino US trade war. I personally think the level of the director of the Department of commerce is reflected in the above, and I have brought the substantive issues of the Sino US trade war to the point. At present, our Chinese enterprises have a lot of products and large production capacity, but the core technology is insufficient, especially the ZTE event. We used to take Huawei and ZTE as models of national independent innovation, but now it seems that there is still a discount. If a small chip is not sold to ZTE, ZTE will not be able to operate. Of course, the Chinese and American governments and high-level shareholders have solved this problem, but sooner or later, the problem of institutional innovation cannot be avoided. If our enterprise wants to have a generation of products, it needs to have a generation of design, and a generation of design needs a generation of research. Without research, there will be no design. Without design, there will be no design.

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